Nature In The Kawarthas — Table of Contents

The chapters in ‘Nature in the Kawarthas’ cover a diverse array of topics

1.     The Physical Landscape — A land shaped by Ice and Water  by John Bottomley

2.     Regional Ecosystems — A Land of Great Diversity by Michael McMurtry

3.     The Kawartha Lakes — Changes Over Time by Roger Jones

4.     Shorelines — The Virtual Edge by Gordon Gerry

5.     Wetlands — Not Just for Mosquitoes by Rebecca Zeran

6.     Vernal Pools — Seasonal Woodland Oases by Janine McLeod

7.     Alvars — Life on Limestone Pavements by Wasyl Bakowsky

8.     Tallgrass Prairies and Savannahs — Remnant Grasslands by Wasyl Bakowsky

9.     Mushrooms and Toadstools — Fun with Fungi by Tim Dyson

10.   Ferns and Mosses — Beyond Spores and Fiddleheads by Susan Chow

11.    Spring Ephemerals — The First Flowers of Spring by Gordon Berry

12.    Trilliums — Ontario’s Flowers by Gordon Berry

13.    Wild Orchids — Miracles of Diversity by Gordon Berry

14.    The Insect World — Success in a Small Thing by Rebecca Zeran

15.    Butterflies — Beauty on the Wing — Phil Schappert

16.    Moths — Beauty at Night by Tim Dyson

17.    Frogs and Toads — Evening Musicians by Michael Oldham

18.    Turtles — Species Under Threat by Regina Verrin

19.    Fish of The Kawartha Lakes — Nature Beneath the Surface by Percy Powles

20.    Raptors — Silhouettes in the Sky by Tim Dyson

21.    Marsh Birds — At Home in Wetlands by Andrew Jobes

22.    Woodland Birds — Songsters of the Forest by Erica Nol

23.    Winter Birds — Surviving the Cold by Drew Monkman

24.    Backyard Birds — Nature at Home by John Bottomley

25.    Amazing Bats — Acrobats of the Night by Paul Elliott

26.    Mammals — From Mice to Moose by Martin Parker and Tim Dyson

27.    Nocturnal Nature — Thins to See in the Dark by Drew Monkman

28.    Aquatic Invasive Species — The Aliens Are Here! by Gordon Berry

29.    Conservation — Leaving a Legacy by Ian Attridge


Places to Go — details on 24 sits to visit to discover the natural heritage of the Kawarthas

Common and Scientific Names — for all the plants and animals mentioned in the book


All photos are from ‘Nature In The Kawartahas’.