Brighton Wetland property, next to Presqu’ile Provincial Park

To all Peterborough Field Naturalists:

Long story short: NCC has an agreement to purchase the 231-acre Brighton Wetland property, next to Presqu’ile Provincial Park and along the Waterfront Trail, and we are asking for your help with getting the word out about this terrific, but time-sensitive, opportunity.

Some PFN members may know this property as the St. Mary’s Cement property – after the former owners. St. Mary’s Cement sold the property to the current owner about a year ago. He had it listed on the open market for most of last year.
NCC found a window of opportunity after that listing ended and got a deal signed to purchase the property. But we need to raise the necessary funds (at least $400,000) by July 1, 2018 to be able to close the deal and complete the purchase.
Ducks Unlimited Canada is partnering with NCC in this project and will be part owners of the property upon closing.
In an interesting twist of fate, the property also includes some of the well-known Brighton constructed wetland – a known birding hotspot.

Please see the attached project sheet and get back to me if you have questions. We would appreciate any help you can provide in promoting this important acquisition to PFN members and beyond!

I know this is a very different project than the tallgrass projects I recently spoke to the club about. But, as you can imagine, this is our top priority project at this time. Thanks very much for considering this request, and thanks for your commitment to natural heritage protection in Central Ontario!

ELOC_Brighton Wetland project sheet