Ontario Nature Lake Ontario North Regional Meeting

Sarah Rang, Executive Director from the Invasive
Species Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, is the guest speaker.
Sarah will share the latest advances in preventing and managing invasive species, opportunities for community science, followed by an open discussion. Learn about new free resources that may help your group with invasive species, a growing biodiversity challenge.

There will be time to allow discussion and hear from Lake Ontario North club reps and presidents about how the groups are faring during the pandemic. All are welcome to attend. If interested, please e-mail

Wednesday, Apr. 28 7 to 9 p.m.

Virtual meeting on Zoom

Peterborough County Stewardship Speaker Series

Apr. 14: Brent Patterson - Wolves and Coyotes: The Wild Dogs of the Kawarthas

Apr. 28: Susan Wood-Bohm - How Trees Communicate (tentative date)

Keep an eye on the events page at for updates on speakers and dates.

Interested in learning more about using species reporting platforms, such as eBird and iNaturalist? Jenn Baici, a PhD Candidate at Trent University, is offering a three-hour introductory workshop all about eBird, iNaturalist, and other commonly (and not-so commonly) used species reporting platforms. She will cover 1. How to create profiles, 2. How to add observations, and 3. Who uses these reporting platforms and why. Jenn Baici is studying wild turkey social structure and behaviour in the Peterborough area. Part of Jenn’s research also involves estimating the size and distribution of Ontario’s wild turkey population with the help of citizen scientists. For the past several winters, Jenn has requested and curated wild turkey observations submitted through eBird and iNaturalist and is using this data to model where turkeys are today and where they may go in the future. She has extensive experience navigating these platforms as a user and as a researcher and is extremely excited to share her knowledge of them with the Peterborough community to further wildlife research while fostering community engagement with nature. Contact Jenn Baici directly for more information: jenniferbaici[at]trentu[dot]ca
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