Junior Naturalists: snowshoeing and fire-making

Winter fun at Camp Kawartha: Mild temperatures and rain melted most of the snow in Peterborough, but there was still enough snow in the woods at Camp Kawartha to use the snowshoes. Some of us enjoyed our first time on snowshoes. Mike, one of Camp Kawartha’s Outdoor Educators, led us along a trail through the woods and we stopped to look at animal tracks along the way. When we arrived at a clearing we looked inside a wikiup and birch bark teepee, then learned about traditional fire-making techniques in the larger teepee.bow-drillsnowshoeday

“We went snow-shoeing through the woods. We stopped at a huge teepee to make fires using old fashioned tools (flint and steel, and a bow drill). It took six kids to use the bow drill. No one thought to bring the marshmallows or hot dogs though!  At the end of it all, I was feeling very, very tired.  Thanks for the fun day!”  — Mason