State of emergency for turtles

Take action for turtles on Ontario roads

Dear advocates for nature,

As dedicated nature lovers, many of you have seen the influx of turtles on Ontario roads this year – alive, injured and dead.

After a colder than normal winter, turtles did not emerge from their overwintering grounds as early as usual. That coupled with the increase in rain this spring and summer has led to a perfect storm of turtles moving en masse.

If you see a turtle on Ontario roads during your travels, please report your sighting to our Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas whether the turtle is alive, injured or dead.

You can also take action by helping the turtle cross the road when it is safe to do so in the direction it’s going. If the turtle is injured, contact a group like the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre.

When you report your sightings you are enhancing our collective knowledge on these species, which aids conservation efforts. You can submit your sightings to the atlas quickly and easily in a number of ways, including our new atlas app. Visit our website to select your preferred method.

Wishing you (and the turtles) safe and happy summer travels.

The Ontario Nature Team

P.S. Submit your sightings by July 31st to participate in our Digital Bioblitz campaign and help us reach our 6,000 submission goal!