Awards Granted

Members of our club have made exceptional contributions to our community and the club itself. Each year we distribute awards to members and citizens of the Peterborough community who have done great service to our club or the natural environment of the Peterborough area.

Lola Leach Award

1985 Nan Luscombe

1986 Rhea Bringeman

1987 Maurice Nisbett

1988 Harry Williams

1989 Don Porter

1990 Terry Hunter

1992 Pat Dunsire, Gord Berry, Ted Nugent

1993 Geoff Carpentier

1994 Stan Reiten

1995 Clayton Vardy

1996 Not Awarded

1997 Cathy Dueck

1998 Not Awarded

1999 Not Awarded

2000 Not Awarded

2003 Not Awarded

2004 Not Awarded

2005 Gerry Ball

2006 Not Awarded

2007 Drew Monkman

2008 Not Awarded

2009 Not Awarded

2010 Not Awarded

2011 Tony Bigg

2023 Not Awarded


From the Archives – Lola Leach, 1900 – 1985 – A Dedicated Member
By Doug Sadler

Few of today’s membership knew Lola Leach for she was a quiet, background person.  She died "[in 1985]" at the age of 85, having been a member of the Club for as long as anyone can remember.

 Although her enjoyment of nature was personal and unassertive, she was among our most faithful members and contributed greatly over the years.  For a long time she carried the job of Treasurer.  She was Membership Secretary for some years.   Although she never seems to have gone on a Christmas Bird Count, she volunteered to host the excited and ravenous horde at her home for year after year.

 She rarely missed a meeting, and never seemed to change much.  I had the opportunity to chat with her for a little while at the last meeting I was able to go to, and found her as cheerful and lively as ever, in her quiet way.  Death was quick and unexpected.  We shall miss you Lola.

Certificates of Appreciation



Emily and Michelle Young – mailing of Orchid
Sean Smith – for being a Director, Secretary and maintain PFN feeders
Emily Pettypiece – for being Secretary for many years
Gina Varrin – for being Vice-President, indoor meeting coordinator


Mary Thomas – for mailing ‘The Orchid’
Michael McMurtry – for leading numerous outings
Marla Williams – editor of The Orchid
JB Jaboor – maintaining PFN feeders at Ecology Park
Don Finign – maintaining PFN feeders at Ecology Park
Lara Griffin – coordinating the Juniors programme
Kelly Boadway – for being Club Secretary
Dave Milsom – for leading numerous outings


Mark Zippel – Harper Park Projects
Don McLeod – Harper Park projects and brook trout study
Brian Wale – maintenance at Miler Creek and bird box sonsturction
Dorothy and Bill McCord – completing inventory of books in Sadler Library
Marion Vale – hosting monthly Board meetings
Jerry Ball – outdoor leader
Marla Williams – Orchid editor for 3 years
Lisa Dixon, Black Honey – for support for Juniors
Jean Grant, Toy Store – for support of Juniors
Peer Christensen, Christensen Fine Art – support of Juniors
Drew Merrett, Merett Home Hardware – support for Juniors’
Alvin Schieck, Offices that Work – providing office space for Harper Park
Richard Straka – for initiatives while planner for City of Peterborough
Steve Kerr – Inventory work at Jack’s Lake


Barbara Saunders and Robert Pratton -- turtle and other fauna monitoring in Kawartha. Site and assistance at meeting
Scott McKinlay – inventory work at Harper Park and other club projects
Ian Attridge – leadership in land protection and founding Kawartha Land Trust
JB Jaboor – for rebuilding and installing bird feeders at Ecology Park
Chris Gooderham – for 10 yrs as Board member, the PFN webmaster and web hosting
Kathy Parker -- assisting in inventory at Harper Park and proofing The Orchid and other documents
Carol McConnell – for promotion of PFN and PFN Juniors in Peterborough Examiner


Basil Conlin - for contributions to natural science in the region.
Paul Elliot - for coordinating outings and serving on the board for 11 years.
Marilyn Freeman - Advocate for nature in the community and frequent contributor to the Orchid.
Mike Hendren - for contributions to land conservation in the region.
Enid and Gord Mallory - Prolific photographer and contributor to the Orchid.
Murray Palmer - Photographer and poet with frequent contributions to the Orchid.
Martin Parker - For countless contributions to the club and its fuction..
Kathryn Sheridan - For being an outstanding editor of the Orchid.


Jacob Bowman
James Schaefer
McLean Smith
Lesley Hall
Matthew Tobey
Monica Fromberger
Milda Bax
Susan Chow


Lynn Smith
Marie Duchesneau
Don Sutherland
Jim Cashmore


Mike McMurtry -for contributions to the club as part of the 2021 City of Peterborough Official Plan review
Chris Risley - for contributions to the club as part of the 2021 City of Peterborough Official Plan review
Ian Attridge - for contributions to the club as part of the 2021 City of Peterborough Official Plan review
Warren Dunlop - for contributions to the club as part of the 2021 City of Peterborough Official Plan review


Marilyn Hubley - demonstrating leadership through 8 years as a Director.
Martin Parker - contributing to the PFN through decades of service as a Director and dedicated member and volunteer.
Jim Young - 25 years of service as a dedicated PFN volunteer including leadership roles as Director and Membership Secretary.
Brenda Ibey, Avant-Garden Shop - long term support of the PFN mission.
Cameron Douglas, Educator - inspiring students to speak up for change and advocate for the environment.
Bird Friendly Peterborough – ongoing work to reduce threats, make the local environments safer for birds and, achieving Nature Canada certification in 2022.