A list of all publications produced by the Peterborough Field Naturalists, not including past issues of the Orchid.

The club and its members have published reprts, checklists and books on the natural history of the Peterborough Region. The following is a summary of the publications contained in the Archives of the PFN.

Copies of  Nature in the Kawarthas, The Mammals of Peterborough County and Our Heritage of Birds: Peterborough County in the Kawarthas are still available for purchase at PFN Meetings.

Club History:

40th Anniversary of the Peterborough Field Naturalists 1940 to 1980. John E. Fitzgerald, Editor. 1980. Peterborough Field Naturalists

Programme of the Special Club Outing Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Founding of the Peterborough Nature Club. 1960. Peterborough nature Club.

Natural History:

1998 Peterborough County Natural History Summary. Compiled by Peter S. Burke, Colin D. Jones, Jennifer M. Line, Michael J. Oldham, Peter J. Sorrill. 1999. Peterborough Field Naturalists, Natural Heritage Information Centre, Trent University

Kawarthas Nature. Compiled for Peterborough Field Naturalists, 1992. Boston Mills Press.

Nature in the Kawarthas. Compiled for Peterborough Field Naturalists, 2011. Dundurn Press.

Peterborough: Woodlots, Water, Wildlife, and Wilderness. Compiled by G.S. Berry and P.F. O'Higgins, circa 1975. Peterborough Field Naturalists

Geology and Geomorphology:

Field Trip to the Dummer Moraine. F.A. Heilingbrunner. 2011, Information Package for PFN Outing on June 29th, 2013.


Summary of the Odonata in Petroglyphs Provincial Park. David Bree, 2001 and 2002. Compilation of Articles which appeared in 'The Orchid'


The Mammals of Peterborough County. Geoff Carpentier, 1987. Peterborough Field Naturalists

Municipal Planning:

Peterborough Natural Areas Strategy, 1995. Coordinated by the Peterborough Field Naturalists.


Checklist of the Vascular Plants (flowering Plants and Ferns) of Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park. 1983. Peterborough Field Naturalists

Wildflowers of the Kawarthas. Compiled by Dorothy Hunter circa 1971 for Peterborough Field Naturalists.


A Check-List of the Birds of Peterborough County, Ontario. Compiled by J. L. McKeever, 1958. Peterborough Nature Club.

Birds from the Ground: The Record of Archaeology in Ontario. Douglas C. Sadler and Howard G. Savage. 2003. Occasional Papers in Anthropology, Trent University. Sponsored by the Trent University Archaeological Research Centre. The Symons Trust Fund for Canadian Studies and the Peterborough Field Naturalists.

Birds of the Peterborough Area & Their Seasonal Movements. Douglas C. Sadler, circa 1965. Peterborough Naturalists Club.

Birds of the Peterborough Area & Their Seasonal Movements, Revised Edition. Douglas C. Sadler. 1968. Peterborough Naturalists Club.

Birds of the Peterborough Area, Third Edition. Doug Sadler, 1972. Peterborough Field Naturalists and Peterborough County Board of Education.

Field-Checking List (1965). List of Bird Species. Peterborough Nature Club

Our Heritage of Birds: Peterborough County in the Kawarthas. Doug Sadler, 1983. Peterborough Field Naturalists.

Shorebird Habitat Project. Prepared for Peterborough Field Naturalists, 2001 by W. Dan Mansell

Special Issues of The Orchid:

Commemorating the FON Annual Meeting, April 27th 28th, 1968

Commemorating the FON Annual Meeting, May 23rd to 25th, 1986

Commemorating the FON Annual Meeting, May 26th to 28th, 1995