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Outing Leaders Submitted by Sue Paradisis

I'm always looking for more volunteers so contact me if you are interested. Training is
provided and an experienced leader will help until you feel ready to go on your own. I am particularly keen on finding someone with a knowledge of lichens. I can be reached by phone at 705-559-2061 or email at [email protected]

A Volunteer Opportunity with the Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Group
Overview: The Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Group is a 100% volunteer based group committed to the restoration and preservation of Ontario’s trumpeter swans. Over the past few years, the number of sightings and reports of trumpeter swans have multiplied several times over. This is great news and a fantastic challenge to have! To ensure timely and accurate information is entered into our database, we are in search of new volunteers to assist in our data collection and entry. You do not need to be a computer guru to apply. Our dynamite team of Gary Lane and Joy Poyntz will provide you with complete training and provide you with ongoing support as you learn and become an important part of our research collection team. Here are the details for those who may be interested in joining the team:
Time Commitment: varies depending on the time of year and volume of sightings and reports we receive; this is an ongoing volunteer opportunity with the great intrinsic reward of knowing you are assisting our trumpeter swans by gathering and inputting data on their behalf; Gary and/or Joy will provide interested volunteers with more accurate time commitments depending on the volunteer database work you will be completing for us. We are looking for volunteers in different areas of the province and/or for different collection bases.
Job Description: collecting and inputting data gathered from various sources – eg. eBird, iNaturalist, our Facebook page, other Facebook pages that may have swan reports from time to time (eg. Ontario Birds), reports received from the Wye Marsh, the Trumpeter Swan Society and reports sent directly to Ontario trumpeter swans; Gary and Joy will work with you to assign you an area or a reporting source to gather your data from that you will input into our database.
Equipment Required: access to a desktop computer or a laptop as this work cannot be completed fully using only a phone; internet access and the ability to send and receive messages and emails; access to Google docs – training and support will be provided to you on the use of Google docs for our database.
Confidentiality: As a member of our volunteer team, you may be privy to confidential data and reports concerning Ontario’s trumpeter swans. You will be asked to affirm that you will maintain the confidentiality of the data at all times and that it will not be shared with anyone other than those who are part of the Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Group team.
If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please respond by sending a message to Gary Lane [email protected] or Joy Poyntz for further information or consideration and let us know where you are located. If you message me, I will pass your name on to Gary and Joy [email protected] While we thank all who will express an interest in joining our team, the Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Group will only be following up with those who are in an area where we need coverage. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.