Nature In The Kawarthas

Nature In The Kawarthas is a book produced entirely by Peterborough Field Naturalist Members. Get your copy today at GreenUP, Avant Garden, The Canadian Canoe Museum or Hunter Street Books

“Nature in the Kawarthas” is the newest publication of the Peterborough Field Naturalists. Published in December 2011 by Dundurn Press this book presents a wealth of information about the birds, mammals, insects, flowers, reptiles and amphibians that inhabit the Kawarthas area – City of Peterborough, County of Peterborough and City of Kawartha Lakes.

Nature In The Kawarthas

The book commences with an introduction to the geomorphology of the landscape and the processes which created the landscape which now contains a variety of habitats with their associated plants and animals.

Other chapters focus on specific habitats such as Shorelines, Wetlands, and Tallgrass Prairies and Savannahs. The book has chapters devoted to plant groups such as Mushrooms and Toadstools, Orchids and Trilliums, and animal groups such as Butterflies, Woodland Birds, and even Backyard Birds.

The Places to Go section recommends the best areas to visit to explore the nature wonders of the Kawarthas Region.

The authors, members of the Peterborough Field Naturalists, are knowledgeable naturalists and many are professionally involved in the study of our native flora and fauna.

Nature in the Kawarthas is illustrated by over 200 colour photographs.

This book is a must for any person interested in the biodiversity of the Kawarthas Region.

Nature in the Kawarthas is available from your favorite bookstore and on-line book sellers. It is also available at the regular meetings of the Peterborough Field Naturalists.