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Meadows Matter

June 22 @ 1:00 PM 4:00 PM

Meadows are complex ecosystems dominated by grasses and wildflowers. One acre of a wildflower meadow on a single summer day can contain up to 3 million flowers. Such a bounty attracts and supports a wide variety of species, from the insects that feed on the flowers and lay their eggs on the plants, to the birds and small mammals that in turn feed on those insects. Established meadows also have complex root systems which stabilize the soil and act as giant sponges, filtering water and mitigating flooding by holding on to rainwater during heavy rain storms. In short, meadows matter. Join us as we explore the wildflowers and grasses of the hilltop meadows at John Earle Chase Memorial Park, overlooking Pigeon and Buckhorn lakes. Lou Smyrlis will lead this afternoon outing. Be sure to bring a sun hat as well as binoculars and a camera if you like as there should be plenty of bird life and butterflies to view.

To register, contact Lou at [email protected]. Further details will be provided to those who register. Accessibility: Easy

Saturday, June 22

1 to 4 p.m.

15 participants