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The Anthtopocene’s animal? Coywolves as feral cotravelers

Guest speaker: Stephanie Rutherford is an Associate Professor in the Trent School of the Environment, and also teaches and advises in the MA and PhD programs in Sustainability Studies, Cultural Studies, and Canadian and Indigenous Studies. She is the co-author of Historical Animal Geographies, published in 2018. In Canadian cities and towns their presence is…

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Monthly Meeting: How we can fight Ontario’s invasive plants!

Guest speaker, Vicki Simkovic, Coordinator at the Ontario Invasive Plant Council (OIPC), will present this talk on invasive plants. Phragmites, Garlic Mustard, Dog-strangling Vine, and Buckthorn are familiar examples of Ontario’s 400-plus invasive species. They crowd out native terrestrial and aquatic plants, altering the environment for insects, birds, reptiles and mammals.

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