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Digital BioBlitz: Results are in!

Digital BioBlitz: Results are in! To encourage people to submit their reptile and amphibian sightings using the new atlas app, Ontario Nature launched a digital BioBlitz – a new take on the traditional BioBlitz. Our goal was to reach 6,000 sightings by July 31st – we made it!! In July, we reached more than 5,630!…

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Why I Love Frogs (And You Should, Too)

One of my first introductions to nature as a kid was observing tadpoles on the Toronto Islands and catching frogs at the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. No outdoor adventure was complete without looking for and finding frogs. After you’ve been in the business of catching frogs for over 20 years, you know that…

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Bio Blitz East Cross Forest May 13/16

Some of us were lucky enough to attend this and although I did not get to go Saturday too, Friday was a beautiful day.  We got very lucky there was a nice cross breeze and even by 9pm minimal bugs. 

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Kermit ‘s Friends and Timber-Doodles! 18 April 2015

The dusk air of the spring carries the mating songs of various species of frogs and the sky dance of the American Woodcock or Timber-doodle.  Join Martin Parker for a 2 hour outing listening to and distinguishing between the different species of calling frogs and toads of our region and listen to the courtship flights…

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Frogs sing and woodcocks dance 26 April 2014

Join Martin Parker in this evening outing to listen to the spring chorus of frogs and watch  the dance of courting woodcocks. The frog chorus will be dominated by Spring Peepers. We will also be listening for Chorus Frogs, Northern Leopard Frogs, and Wood Frogs. The American Woodcock has an elaborate courtship display which consists of…

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Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas app

Spring is here!!! Well…according to the calendar anyway! Soon enough, the snow and ice will melt, and as it does, many of our resident turtles, salamanders, snakes and frogs will emerge from their hibernacula and begin their summer’s wandering. As many of you may already know, Ontario Nature has a Reptile and Amphibian Atlas underway.…

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