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Old Growth Forest in Jackson Park? Exploring Treasured Trees, Transitions, and Terminology

What makes a heritage tree? How does geology influence forest ecology? How old is old growth? Walk Leaders: Chris Gooderham, John Etches Meeting Place: Playground in Jackson Park Meet at the playground under the tall white pines of Jackson Park, top of Monaghan Rd. Saturday, May 3rd, 9AM Read walk on Jane’s Walk website: http://www.janeswalk.org/canada/peterborough/…

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Jane’s Walk: Be Here Now

Mindfulness & the Art of Sensing Sunday, May 5th, 2013, 3:00PM A quiet walk in which we will use all of our senses to explore the moment in Jackson Park, as well as how our personal experiences are influenced by the experiences of those around us. Life’s busy, and we often forget to take time…

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Jane’s Walk: Contentious Ribbon of Green

Exploring the Parkway Corridor Saturday, May 4th, 2013, 2:00PM The Parkway Trail is one of Peterborough’s premier natural areas, serving as a wildlife corridor across the city. It is also a beautiful place to walk, bike and discover near-by nature. However, it may very well end up becoming a two-lane arterial road to improve north-south…

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Jane’s Walk: Creek Mystique

The past, present and future of an urban watercourse Sunday, May 5th, 2013, 1:00PM Before the canal system tamed the rapids of the Otonabee River, its less tumultuous tributary, Jackson Creek, drove the paddle wheels that powered the mills of the growing town of Peterborough. Still flowing through the heart of the City, Jackson Creek…

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Bat Walk — Jackson Park

On Friday evening, 9:00PM, June 15th, you will have a chance to observe wild bats and to listen to their echolocation calls using an ultrasonuc bat detector. Bat populations have been suffering steep declines in recent years because of the fungal disease known as White Nose Syndrome, but we are still hoping to see some…

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