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Monthly Meeting: Brook Trout in Harper & Byersville Creeks….a Story of Survival

Brook trout in spawning colours.

Camp Kawartha Environment Centre 2505 Pioneer Rd – Peterborough Date/Time Date(s) – 09/12/2018 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm Speaker:   Scott Blair, MSc. Candidate at Trent University – Environmental and Life Sciences Subject: The native Brook Trout population within Harper Creek and Byersville Creek Scott was first introduced to the Harper Creek brook trout population…

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Canadian Turtles in Trouble

WINDSOR, ON, May 2, 2018 /CNW/ – The Midland Painted Turtle, a familiar sight along Ontario lakeshores and ponds, is now in trouble. The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) added this turtle to a growing list of species found to be at risk in the region between Toronto and Windsor, Canada’s most species-rich biodiversity hotspot. Logo: Comitte on the Status of Endangered…

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BIMBY (Bees in My Backyard) Project

A new project is appealing to wildlife enthusiasts, amateur botanists and anyone with a garden to help welcome back and care for the over 300 species of bees that call Toronto home. The BIMBY (Bees in My Backyard) Project from the David Suzuki Foundation hopes to help the bee population in the city by encouraging Toronto residents to install bee sanctuaries in homes or community gardens. Residents…

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Bye-bye, bug splatter: Is this the new silent spring?

Bye-bye, bug splatter: Is this the new silent spring?   (Photo credit: Peter Miller via Flickr)   Masses of monarch butterflies fluttering across Toronto’s waterfront. Painted ladies (often mistaken for monarchs) descending on Montreal. Combined with the hottest September ever recorded in the Great Lakes region, it’s been a strange time in Eastern Canada. We…

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